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Courthouse Rental Rates & Terms

                                               Friday or Saturday • Daily Rate       Sunday - Thursday • Daily Rate         Sunday-Thursday • Hourly  (2 hour min)


Courthouse & Grounds                 $2250                                                       $1875                                                     $350

"Weekend Special"                         $3500                                                     NA                                                           NA

   (Fri. 10am - Sun. 12pm)

Courthouse Rental Terms


Alcohol Clause:  If alcohol will be served at your event, we require (at your expense) Security.  It will be your responsibility to contact the Blanco Sheriff’s Department at 830-868-7804 or the Blanco Police Department  at 830-833-4375 to make arrangements for Security.  Please contact either department at least one month before your event.


Rental period:  Daily rentals begin at 10am and building/grounds must be vacated by midnight.  Hourly rental period (2 hour minimum) includes set-up and clean up time.  Rental rates includes use of the upstairs courtroom (2,200 sq ft), table, chairs, kitchen, bathrooms, elevator, common hallways, parking, wifi and utilities.  Maximum seated is about 125.  Room occupancy is 200 persons.


Non-profit rentals:  A Non-profit discount (30% Friday-Saturday; 50% Sun-Thurs) off the above stated prices is available to local non-profit organizations.  Organization must have 501(c) non-profit designation.


“Revenue” generating events:  Events that charge admission, entrance or vendor fees will be required to pay 10% of such fees to OBCCPS in addition to the regular event rental rate.  


Weekend Special:  Renter has access to the Courthouse & Grounds beginning at Friday at 10:00am through Sunday at noon.  


Additional Service Charges:

  • Linens are not available

  • If on-site staff is deemed to be necessary, $25/hourly rate applies 

  • Set-up and use of PA system:  $50  ($200 refundable damage deposit required)

  • Post Event Cleaning - $100-250  (based on the extent of clean up required)


RESERVATION/CANCELLATION POLICIES:  Payment of 50% of the rental fee and a signed contract are required to make a reservation.  Reservations may be made by phone with a Master Card or Visa.  Payment of the balance of the rental fee is required 4 weeks prior to the planned event.  OBCCPS members may receive a 5% discount on rental fees.  Business level membership is required for a Business renter discount.


Cancellations must be made at least 3 months prior to the reservation date to receive any refund of rental fees.  Seven days before the event, a security deposit of $1000 will be required for possible damages or failure to complete the closing checklist requirements.  You will be given the combination to the lockbox on the south entrance on the day of rental.  The security deposit will be refunded when the building passes post event inspection.


The Old Blanco County Courthouse Preservation Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation and maintenance of the Old Blanco County Courthouse as an historic site and as a productive and integral part of the community of Blanco, Texas and surrounding area. Thank you for your support.

Click on the icon below to download a printable version of Courthouse Rental Prices

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