2018 Capital Campaign

The board of the Old Blanco County Courthouse Preservation Society (OBCCPS) recently announced two significant events that will accelerate our Capital Campaign – but we still need your help.  First, the Bamberger Foundation has given us a challenge grant of $10,000 to the capital campaign.  For each additional dollar raised during April and thereafter (other than from grants and foundations), the Foundation will add another dollar, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Second, we were recently awarded a $25,000 grant from LCRA and PEC to fund the restoration and repair of the staircases and banisters.  Using the grant funds and a required OBCCPS match, this project will make the west staircase useable once more and raise the height of the railings for both staircases to enhance visitor safety.

To date, we have raised $27,000 in addition to the LCRA grant, and our goal is to raise an additional $48,000 to fund the restoration of the windows.  Additional donations and the potential Bamberger Foundation match will significantly advance our efforts.  We are also pursuing additional grants.

The OBCCPS has nicely maintained the 1885 structure over the years, but age has taken its toll.  In the past few years, the society has tuck-pointed the stones, replaced the roof and its underpinnings, restored the courtroom ceiling, and installed a new fire alarm system.

If we meet the $10,000 donation goal, we will have in hand over 70% of our goal.  The grant is quite a challenge since current and past board members have already given to get us this far.  Any contribution you can make will help us get to our goal.  You can send in a check to OBCCPS at P.O. Box 302, Blanco 78606, or call Lesley Griffin at (830)833-2211.